WOD4 – Karen

HPU Platinum (formerly known as WOD UP)

Intermediate Division  Heat 7 @ 3:40 pm

WOD 4 “Karen”

(10 minute time cap)

150 wall balls (9/6kg) plus plank
60 power cleans (60/40kg)
Foot bite rope climb

WOD4 once again splits the team in half, 3 guys and 3 girls with each team aiming to complete the allocated reps within the 10 minute time cap.

The reps can be in any allotment as per WOD2 however during the wall balls the reps are only counted when a team member is holding a plank and during the cleans the reps must be unbroken if the bar is dropped that team member climbs a rope and the next team member carries on the rep count.  There is no overtaking on this WOD so each team member must clean the bar AND climb the rope (unless the first team member (or the first two members) can complete the 60 reps alone).

Out of all the Play Off WODs this will be the one the girls and I will have the “easiest” time with.

The weight on the bar is not exorbitant (for the girls) and cleans although not my most proficient lift are probably (at a pinch) my favorite lift of them all.

Granted wall balls are not my forte’ for instance my current Karen (150 wall balls for time) PR is 10:34 so once again I’m not going to be a huge help on this WOD in fact I’ve only been allocated 20% of the wall balls and the girls are splitting the balance.

I’ll just try to remember Anna’s advice – pretend you are in a chimney ..

Thankfully both George and Tanz love to do wall balls, so although once again I feel somewhat old and useless I shall console myself with the fact that they will be “enjoying” themselves.

Let this be a lesson to all of you who turned down competing in the play offs because you decided you weren’t good enough.  I am proof that you don’t have to be great, you just have to surround yourself with people who are .. 😉

Till next time





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