Half Way ..

Six more weeks ..

Six weeks till the show in Tauranga!

Speaking of numbers, I seem to have them swirling around in my head constantly.  Weights, percentages, the number of weeks to go, the number of weeks since surgery, the number of weeks till I’m not in competition mode, there is just a constant din going on inside my head.

So .. where do I start trying to catch you up?  Its been awhile since ive updated my blog, sometimes life just takes over.

Well it has been six weeks since I had surgery .. ive been in the gym for two weeks but this week is the first “real” training I have attempted.  Back to a six day split (with legs being done twice).  Jo (my trainer) won’t even contemplate letting me do ab work yet, and deep down inside I know I cant .. not for now at least, but im hopeful that I can at least get a little bit of ab work done between now and the contest, who knows, I might actually have some abs on stage!

The Wolf Pack has started posing practice.  Its extremely motivating to pose with a group of people, especially girls who are in better condition that you, it makes you work just that little harder, longer and smarter!  It also helps when the sugar cravings start calling, you just have to remember how you felt standing next to all those rock hard abs with your soft keg of a tummy on display 😉

So all in all its been a tough lead up to this show for me .. surgery, no exercise .. deciding to eat crap while not being able to exercise, then getting sick and dry toast being the only thing I would eat .. suffice to say the numbers went in the wrong direction and I’m plodding my way back down again .. hopefully the numbers start falling a little quicker this week.

Till next time xox

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