100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 60 and it’s a global experience

Today “we” (being me as I have no cast members) chose to do Pyramid Burpees.

They were going to be Egyptian Burpees but J couldn’t stop laughing his head off at every attempt I had at “walking like an egyptian” so I changed it on the fly – I can do that being the cast, director and producer 😉

I have never seen a pyramid in real life. The closest I’ve come is the “pyramids” at the Louvre (which incidentally I had to visit after reading The Da Vinci Code – I know so tragic right?!?!) But I don’t mind being tragic because Paris literally made my jaw drop with it’s beauty – the entire ride in the taxi from the airport to the hotel my nose was pressed against the glass and I was exclaiming oooo ahhhh looook! (In english because I didn’t know any french) 😉

The statues aren’t bad either ..

Anyway, lets get on with Day 60 I have last nights kiwiyo to work off which I would have done at Ludus today, but I used up my babysitting pass last night to go out to dinner (and obviously kiwiyo) – it’s cool though, the kiwiyo was totally worth it!

Till next time

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