100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 61 and enjoying my last day

It’s New Years Eve!

The last day of 2012 and if the world blows up tonight I’m glad I lived today like I did ..

Obviously the day started off with a workout and I headed outdoors today as I woke up early thanks to a certain lil man (and that man was not my husband) kicking me in the kidney. The downside of cute toddler sized legs is they end at Mummy kidney level *sigh*

When I got back the house was just waking up and we got the kidlets fed, watered and dressed and then got on with the last *must do* for the morning and that was the burpees – believe you me I wanted to get out and enjoy that sunshine and I knew that once I was out and enjoying I wasn’t going to be stopping to be do any burpees .. I don’t love them that much 😉

So after some discussion, some laughter, some experimenting and yet more laughter I gave in and did what James suggested .. after the first 10 I momentarily thought about swapping to another but I stuck it out.

Then the rest of the day we spent splashing, laughing, squeeling (that was mostly Elias), dog paddling and I took the easy option of floating on a big inflatable lilo – I did summon the strength to roll over from time to time like a pig on a spit though (its a hard life).

Anyway where ever you are, have a FANTASTIC day/night with your loved ones BUT keep safe you don’t want to miss out on 2013 I feel like its going to be a goodie ..

Bring it one!

Till next time

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