Finding the perfect fit

The other day someone asked me “what background do you come from?” you see crossfit is a relatively new phenomenon and as such people who do crossfit come with different skill sets and the person in question was trying to ascertain where mine came from.

Skills that is or maybe it was my lack of skills? Anyway I digress;

I actually didn’t know how to answer them because if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you will know that I’ve dabbled in many sports.

If I was a dog I guess I’d be a mixed breed affectionately known as “mutt” 😉

There was a point in time where I had the mindset that if I started something I had to finish otherwise I would be seen to have failed or even worse that people would form the opinion that I couldn’t follow through – I was all talk – no action.

So even if I hated (with a passion) whatever hairbrained-sporting endeavor I had decided to embark on I would keep going because of what people thought. One day I had finally had enough and I bi**h slapped myself until I saw reason.

I used to just decide up front what I was going to do next instead of allowing myself the opportunity dip my toe in many different pools of water to see what truly resonated with me.

What pursuits could in fact hold my interest? What could I become truly passionate about?

It’s like when you go shopping for jeans. You will end up trying on a tonne of different pairs before you find the pair that fit just right because no matter how much you research online, you often won’t know beforehand which pair will actually fit over your newly acquired “crossfit legs”.

And on the flip side there may just end up being things that will become your passion that you would have disregarded from the outset – crossfit and I are a great example of that.

So here is my motherly piece of advice for the day. Even if you are absolutely positive that you’ll hate something, throw out all your preconceived notions and just try it. It won’t kill you (hopefully – obviously there are inherent risks in all activities) 😉

Each time you try something new, ask yourself if it sparked your interest in any way. If your answer is no, then you can cross it off your list and move on regardless of whether you think you are a flake.

NEVER waste time doing something you don’t love, life is way too short ..

But if the answer is in fact yes, then you can thank me (all home made baking will be gratefully accepted)!

Till next time

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