One of the myriad of links that came through on my Facebook newsfeed today was;

Fitness Fails: Workouts you need to stop doing in 2014

I clicked the link on the assumption that crossfit would be one of the “dangerous fads” the author deemed we should all stop embracing.  (Good luck with that happening).

Upon reading the article I was surprised to find that crossfit wasn’t on the list and instead the 7 (and I quote) “wacky fitness fads” we should say goodbye to in 2014 amongst other things includes Yoga!

Probably the more unsurprising (or worrying?) thing was that 3 of the activities on the “don’t do this year list” are in fact on my to do list for 2014!

Typical Julz 😉

But what I found more worrying about this article was the reasons they gave for giving perfectly good activities the “flick”, they were “dangerous”

Hot Yoga is “dangerous” because people have passed out and (wait for it) SUP Yoga is dangerous because you could fall off the board *shock horror* and don’t forget about pole dancing.   You could slip and sprain something or the pole could be dirty and you could get a skin infection! *omg*


I hereby decree that we should all stop crossing the road in 2014 because I’ve heard that people have been hit by cars causing injury (being hit by a car is also a valid reason for not crawling up hills), actually we should all probably just stop driving that’s even more dangerous that walking!

Life itself is inherrently risky .. but without risk there can be no reward.

Sure there are things on the list I think “wtf?!?!” (like backwards running, I don’t even like running forwards), stiletto workouts (I’m a toms girl) and although gas mask training seems to be “trending” in the crossfit community my lack of fitness already reduces my oxygen, I don’t need to wear a mask but more importantly I’m pretty sure those masks don’t come in pink … 😉

BUT who am I to say that your choice of exercise is “not as cool” or “not as effective” or “just plain stupid”?

If it gets you off your arse and moving it’s all good in my world, just please don’t ask me to go to Zumba with you ..

Till next time




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