The voice of an angel

Last Thursday while I was enduring the hell that was the Ludus Marathon the voice of an angel rang out from the speakers in the arena.

I thought to myself if I survive this session I must ask Phil who that artist is (and I promptly forgot because I was too busy trying to refrain from dying).

That was until yesterday morning during the stupid oclock session when that same angelic voice interrupted my train of thought.  This time I headed straight for Phil’s iphone to note who the artist was.

(Time to come clean)

I only vaguely remembered his name by the time I got to work …

BUT with the help of “Mr Google” and my guess who game skills I found the aforementioned angel and he is NOT uneasy on the eye.

So let’s kill two birds with one stone and introduce

Canadian Singer/Songwriter – Vince Vaccaro

He reminds me a little of Altiyan Childs but not annoying and Vince sings better (in my opinion – please don’t send me death threats if you are a Altiyan fan).

But don’t take my word for it, have a listen ..

I’ve listened to him on repeat just about all day!

Till next time

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