Today’s #lmaaugust prompt is Happiness.

During previous challenges I’ve generally posted a photo of a cup of strong black coffee because,

And to be fair, it’s a pretty easy photo to take, because I drink a LOT of coffee.

This year I decided to think outside of the cup but I didn’t want to “do” the obvious.  I mean it goes without saying that the kidlets fill my life with happiness – well, when they’re not yelling at each other or screwing their nose up at the perfectly good food I’ve dished up for dinner and James makes me happy, because he voluntarily get’s up early every morning (and James doesn’t DO mornings) to come out and exercise with me because I’m scared of the dark, he’ll even pull me up the hills (begrudgingly – remember what I said about James and mornings) if I reach out for him.

Then like most people, summertime makes me happy (unfortunately it’s winter), the ocean makes my entire soul happy,  hot baths fill me with joy and a good burger and fries quite frankly makes everything in the world better, but trying to capture one of those things would require planning so I narrowed it down to something that I was already going to do today – so I settled on trail running.

Well not the running perse’ just the environment that I’d be in, after all there’s tonnes of insta worthy pockets of forest that I run through, I’m bound to get a shot that just screams happiness and then not even three minutes into my run I face plant into the mud .. 

And (after the quick scan of the body to check nothing was broken) I burst out laughing and believe you me, laughing is not one of my usual running emotions! Fear – yes, exhaustion – yes even confusion (at most junctions because all pine trees look the same to me) but laughter? This was a first, BUT mud is soft (and it’s probably REALLY good for your skin) and it’s lunchtime on a Thursday and I’m out here in the forest rolling around in mud while other people are at work.

Perhaps happiness isn’t someone or something, it’s simply a decision that you make.

Till next time





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