Live More Awesome is a registered charity that was set up by two mates who have made it their mission ..

1. To initiate fun and ‘yahoos’ through ridiculous, remarkable and news worthy events.

2. To facilitate world-wide discussion of depression by way of online and offline campaigns and initiatives, and

3. To cultivate a social media presence that enables people to share remarkable lifestyle experiences that help increase mental wellness.

The Live More Awesome – Awesome August photo challenge falls into the latter category. So how’s a photo challenge going to help with mental illness you ask?  Well (and I quote directly from the horses mouth)

“There are actually a few reasons. One, it will be fun. Two, people are happier when they show gratitude and appreciation for the things in their lives. Many studies have also shown that images are a more powerful way to do this than words. So, we made a list of 31 things to take photos of that will hopefully make you appreciate the things that you have, but also highlight some of the key things that make people happier in their lives. And three, most of us like taking photos so this is an excellent way to hone your skills with a purpose that gets you 31 interesting photos at the end of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your $5000 DSLR or your cheap camera phone, these days great pictures come from everywhere!”

I’ll admit I’ve started a TONNE of photo challenges (because I do have a “thing” about taking photos) but I’ve probably completed, lets see, probably one.

BUT it’s the first day of a brand new month and I’m feeling amped! I also think #lmaaugust has a much greater meaning behind it than just trying to take a pretty photo for the hell of it and I am trying to live more mindfully .. it’s OBVIOUSLY a sign. 😉

You – Who are you?

Perhaps more importantly (in my opinion) I’m a Mum, because the kidlets will always come before all else as it’s my job to try really hard to not let them die ..

Secondly, I’m a wife, daughter, sister, friend (albiet granted a pretty slack one who never manager to catch up with anyone in real life – but it’s on my must do better at list) and curious human.

I also have a tendancy to do shit before thinking – which is probably why I’ve done some pretty cool shit. 😉

What are you like?

Probably depends on whether I’ve had coffee ..

Post a picture of YOU, right now at this moment in time.

Obviously that’s not me “right at this point in time” as it’s quite obvious than I’m sitting on my arse writing this blog post BUT it’s a pretty good (non filtered) depiction.

If you’d like to get involved you can find the full run down HERE and be sure to let me know so I can come and have a looksey!

Till next time tomorrow





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