I will bleap for boobies!

I did it – the entire mile!

I will write an “in depth” report at a later date but I just wanted to let you all know that I did in fact “woman up” and I did the entire mile with the help of some great supporters (Anna, Gabe and Kristin – who will now be known as the royal court of the fairy burpee queen – I’m sure they are well pleased with that title) 😉

I will mention that after about 50 burpee leaps I remembered why I said I would never do it again … I guess it’s like child birth, you don’t really recall how much it hurt until you have an encore performance.

And please please please … IF I ever post that I am going to do the burpee mile for a third time could someone at least remind me to wear two pairs of socks preferably one pair being thorlos – my toes will be forever in your debt 🙂

If you have somehow managed to miss all the last couple of weeks worth of blog posts and have not yet donated to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation please click this link and do so today. I (and all the boobies of the world) will be hugely appreciative!

Till next time when I shall go into great depth analysis of todays event lets give a huge round of applause for all of these nuts who burpeed their hearts out in the name of boobies and an extra big round of applause for the supporters who stood out in the rain to cheer us all on.

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