The quickest way to lose 10kgs

Yesterday there was no Ludus session on because the team were doing the Tough Guy/Girl challenge so Sally and I decided to do some epic adventuring that did not involve mud 😉

Instead of wading through mud at Woodhill, Sally mapped out a 16 kilometer (10 mile) inner city loop that would take us past some landmarks (sounded like a way better option to me) however, there was one small catch …

We would be wearing our “newly” acquired weight vests!

Oh well it was pretty cold out another layer would come in handy.

Sally and I met up at our starting point at 9am, we donned our vests (filling the handy pockets with essential supplies like our phones and cash) and then adventuring we went next “stop” the Auckland Museum at the Domain.

Yes I got my “Rocky” on at the top of the museum stairs 😉

From there we headed down the back of Parnell to Orakei onto Mission Bay then up to Bastion Point.

Then back along the waterfront and through St Judges Bay and when I saw the big lounger chairs I couldn’t resist having a rest – and my knee needed it by then – although getting back up was “interesting”

After my “much needed rest” when climbed yet another huge arse hill to get to the Rose Gardens.

Where I made Sal climb trees …

I totally would have climbed up that tree – honest … yeah actually no I wouldn’t have, lucky I had Sal with me to get you that great shot! 😉

Then it was pretty much a hop skip and a jump back to the cars. 10 kgs gone!

I wish losing 10 kgs was always that easy 😉

Till next time

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