Monthly Challenge Update – July 2012

< —– That’s me and Vince (yes the tyre has a name, cute huh?)

I knew I didn’t come anywhere near the self imposed goal I had of 3500 points for the first week of the July challenge.

To do that I needed to run every day I didn’t double at Ludus and I hadn’t – add to that the fact there was no Ludus class on Sunday and I chose to do an epic adventure weighted vest walk for 3.5 hours (which didn’t count as any points at all because I only ran briefly).

So when I asked The FB’s for their weekly totals I was surprised to see the results.

YES!  That is in fact me at the top!

I actually triple checked my addition because I had seen that both Robin and Oss had been running throughout the week which is a BIG points earner so I was sure that my score would be less, but nope.

I earned (and I do mean earned) 2900 points the top three are as follows

  1. Me 2900
  2. Robin 2435
  3. Oss 2140

Apparently I’m a point scoring machine – I wonder if I can get a contract with the NBL, although I can’t even jump up to the bar at Ludus I’m guessing that’s a requirement to play basketball – that and long legs (which I also do not have).

Till next time

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