There is epic and then there is EPIC

So if you have been following my blog for any length of time you will know that I’m the type of girl who will give anything a go whether I’ve trained for it or not.

<– Even clambering across monkey bars in the playground (which incidentally kids make look so easy, but it TOTALLY isn’t)

Let’s just say I’ve never been one to doubt my abilities (vain much??)

However this weekends epic adventure (courtesy of Anna – yes most epic adventuring that is beyond my current capabilities are courtesy of Anna) is a completely different matter and I’m not actually sure I can complete it.

Well I fib, if you gave me an entire day I’m pretty sure I could do it but in 2 hours?  Put it this way I wouldn’t bet hard earned cash at the TAB on me ..

I guess you can tell this weekends epicness involves burpees.  For someone who doesn’t like burpees I sure do a shite load of them.

There was the day I thought

Then there was the time Anna “talked me into” doing a mile of burpees

OH! And obviously that time where I completely forgot how the first mile of burpees I did were the most painful thing I had endured bar childbirth AND I did another mile of burpees

But NEVER EVER EVER have I thought

“I think I should get up at stupid oclock on a Saturday morning and do 1000 burpees


then I think I’ll go to Ludus”

Unfortunately .. Anna did … the things I do “for” my friends 😉

So there you have it and open invitation for any of you who want to be EPIC beyond all proportion to join Anna and I at Victoria Park market tomorrow morning before the sun comes up to freeze to death then have a heart attack from too many burpees complete yet another one of Anna’s epic adventures.

How much dessert does 1000 burpees earn you?? 😉

Till next time

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