The story of why

I’ve been asked numerous times “Why do you do this?”

The flippant answer could be “Because I want to be a bodybuilder”, while referring them to this you tube phenomenon, however that is only part of the answer.

You see .. I kind of just “fell” into this sport.  I used to be extremely overweight, and after I had lost most of it, but still had just enough left to go that it seemed a long way off .. my best friend Vanessa said “Hey lets lose the weight and do a bodybuilding competition” and I thought “Yeah why not .. could be fun”

And you know what?  It was!


From squash player (honestly, I was good) to bodybuilder

Fast forward 10+ years,  a divorce, a second marriage and a couple of kidlets and its still my chosen sport.  Sure I’ve gone away from the stage, tried new things .. gained weight, lost weight (numerous times) but I still return … why?

The short answer is because I can.  In fact, bodybuilding is one of the few sports that ANYONE can do.

Even Marilyn Munroe knew the benefits of weight training

It is much more a mental sport than a physical one.  Its one of the few sports where you ask your body to do more whilst eating less and that’s the part that breaks most people .. its not because they cant lift the weight, or they cant ride a bike to do cardio .. its because they cant eat, what they want, when they want it.

I also have to admit, that I also like the way I look when I train for competition… I love to look athletic, I love to look like I play some kind of sport .. even though I don’t.

So I guess I have my stubborn streak along with some vanity thrown in for good measure to thank for being a bodybuilder.  😉

However.. when I read blogs of runners …gosh I wish I wasn’t so hampered by previous injuries and could be a runner .. especially when you see what they get to eat!


From Peanut Butter Fingers Blog! Click photo for proof 🙂

Till next time (enjoy an ice cream for me!)

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