2 Down … Thankfully 10 more left

It’s been one of “those” weeks .. weve all had them, the kids come home from school and gift the entire house with sickness.  Thankfully both James and I didnt get struck down, unfortunately one of us did .. and it was me *sigh*

So training was either pretty mediocre or non existent .. mediocre when I started getting sick .. then by the end of the week it was totally non existent as I fell into bed as soon as I got in from work.  Thankfully my job involves sitting on my arse and thankfully Ive been doing my job for so long that I can do most of it without thinking .. otherwise I would have been totally non productive!

Anyway .. Ive got 10 more weeks up my sleeve, so I will pull up my socks and stick my head down and go for it.

For the sake of consistency, I donned my (too small) bikini and heels and struck a pose ..


10 Weeks Out - From the front

To see the rest of the photos check out my Facebook page .. and while you are there, dont forget to like me … let me feel the love 😉

Most of the today was dedicated to Mum duties .. we took the kids to the park, then over to the mall so Isabelle could ride the Merry Go Round (which is actually just a bus that goes around in circles lol), but that was as close to a Merry Go Round as I could get when she requested a Merry Go Round when I got in from the gym this morning.


Well it does go a round in a circle .. and they seem merry.

So thankfully I’m feeling better .. so onwards and downwards from here on in!

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    Downwards. lol!!! I love that Julia. 🙂

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