To re-test or not to re-test, that is the question

I did 14.2 on Saturday morning.

Today is the second Crossfit Open Testing session that CrossfitHPU has on the timetable and I had considered going in to retest.

Then I came to my senses

I understand that for some people “Crossfit is their sport” and to them the Crossfit Open is a big deal.  I understand that getting to regionals is not just about the completing the WODS to the best of your ability.   They have a strategy and one that has been shaped throughout the previous year as they worked towards their end game.

But that’s not me.

I also understand people who are just disappointed with their score (and themselves) and want to go back and give it another shot .. I totally understand.

But again, that’s not me.

Do I think I could have done better?  Maybe ..

But here is what I think is cool about the Open.

It’s an opportunity to rise above the pressure and to perform at your best right then and there.  Competition (in general) gives you one shot to demonstrate just what you’re made of, walking in with the attitude that you will just keep performing the same workout until you’re good at it, (in my humble opinion) kind of defeats the purpose and goes against one of the founding principals of Crossfit.

Crossfit is defined as  “constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement.”

Spending five weeks repeatedly doing the same movements seems somewhat contradictory to what Mr Glassman envisaged when he designed the crossfit concept.

I watched a video of Rich the other day and he said two things that resonated with me ..

“The half marathon row was the worst thing I have ever done.  Every time someone says “Rich I’m going to row the half marathon” I want to tell them that they are an idiot.  Every single time.”

LOL – I knew there was a reason I bowed out when the HPU peeps did the half marathon row!

And ..

“What is the point in being fit if you don’t use it?”

I’m making the decision that I don’t want to use (my somewhat limited) fitness retesting the same workouts over and over again in an attempt to get a few extra points on my score card.   Instead I’ll give my best on the day, have a slight sulk and moan (if warranted) then post my score and (as “Doctor” Rich prescribed in the video clip) go out and do things.

Till next time




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