The Crossfit Open – Inclusive yet still elusive

Week 2 of the Crossfit Open has come to it’s conclusion and it would seem that 14.2 was somewhat of a leveler.

This week I’ve witnessed athlete’s not even bother to turn up for the 3-2-1 (because they can’t do such and such) and I’ve seen a large number of down trodden athletes lamenting over what “should have been”.

I even saw numerous posts on the crossfit website and other social media outlets complaining that The Open was too hard and the numbers would dwindle next year as a consequence..

The coaches at my box and around the globe have encouraged all of their athletes to get involved in the event, because it’s open to everyone.

BUT (and yes there is a capital letter but), just because it’s an inclusive event doesn’t mean that the average Joe or Julia will be able to complete them as prescribed. I liken it to a “one sized fits all” garment, it will fit some people better than others and then there is a segment of the population who have no chance in hell of fitting into it. The event IS for everybody, just not anybody.

Every WOD in every previous Crossfit Open can be found online with even the most rudimentary due diligence. All you have to do is google “Crossfit Open WODS” and you will find the entire list, complete with movement standards and weights.

For example before donating my $20.00 USD to Crossfit HQ I knew that of last years WODS I wouldn’t have been able to complete 3 of the 5 workouts as prescribed, granted I would have made it onto the scoreboard for all 5 but I would have been “timed out” in the very early stages.

I knew that going in ..

I also know that there is a distinct possibility I will have to do hundreds of wall balls and at some stage Mr Castro is going to announce a WOD that includes thrusters.

None of these things are a secret …

I have gone into the open with my eyes wide open. I knew I would struggle and I knew there would come a time where I will fail BUT the open has pushed me further than I would push myself.

If 14.2 didn’t include 30kg overhead squats I wouldn’t know that (A) I could snatch that weight and (B) I could actually overhead squat 30kg (repeatedly)! And how many of you got your first (and subsequent) C2B because you had no choice but to give it a go?

THAT is what The Open is about ..

Would The Open still have the same appeal if it dumbed down all the movements so that everyone could do it? I for one would save my $20USD and just turn up to the box and do the daily WOD if that was the case.

As Chris (yes I heart him) Spealler eloquently said “Your performance has NO impact on your identity: If CrossFit is the ONLY thing you have you may think otherwise, but it’s still not WHO you are. It’s what you do. I think the only failure is not attempting to get after it at all.”

You’ll never know what you are capable of until you try. If you try and find out that you aren’t capable, then use that frustration to propel you forward. After all I wouldn’t have the life (and body) I have now if I didn’t lose that one squash game at the National Teams event.

Failing can sometimes be the best thing that will ever happen to you ..

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