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I’ve taken part in many organised running events throughout the years but I only recently found out about virtual running.

A virtual running event (or “race”) is one where you sign up online for a specified distance, and then run when it suits you. All virtual races work on an honor system, for there is no way for the organisers to verify that you have actually completed the run or that the time you submit is correct.

You can find a myriad of virtual running events online, however, I liked the Hogwarts Running Club medals (and themes) the best.  They also have an active online community and run a yearly house cup competition that includes gaining points for miles logged throughout the year (using the Charity Miles app), which I’ve found to be quite motivating.

If online forums aren’t your thing, you don’t have to get involved.  You can just sign up for a race, run (or walk or a mixture of the two) and receive a medal – heck you don’t even have to run if you are that way inclined as HRC* do not require that you submit proof, however as it’s not compulsory to complete the entire distance in one go, it would be kind of sad if you didn’t “earn” your medal, although I guess some people may see these medals as a reward for donating (their entry fee) to charity – oh yeah did I mention that HRC is a charitable organisation???

I completed my very first vitual run,  “The Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run” on it’s suggested run date of the 6th February (Arthur Weasley’s birthday).  As it was a 5k event and the 6th of February was a Saturday, I completed my 5k’s at the Western Springs Park Run. I mean could it have been any more convenient?

Well actually yes – yes it could have been – it could have NOT pissed down with rain! 😉

Now I understand that I didn’t have to run on the proposed date, because well that’s the sheer beauty of virtual racing – you can race when it suits you (eg when it’s not pissing down with rain) BUT it was my first event and I was kind of excited – although less excited when I was actually running in it and even less so whilst stripping down in public in the pouring rain so I could wear a blanket I’d found in the boot of my car home lolol.

But at least my first virtual race will be one I never forget – right? 😉

So why did I wait nearly an entire month before telling you about my first medal winning performance?

Well I was waiting for my medal to arrive!

I guess the length of time you wait for your medal to arrive, could be considered the “downside” of virtual racing,  especially if you regularly run “actual events” and are used to receiving your reward the moment you cross the line.

However my medal turned up the day I completed my longest ever run (this year) and my second longest run (of all time) so I kind of felt like I’d been rewarded twice.

And honestly it was worth the wait, she’s a beauty!

HRC announce Race 2 next week, there is an entire build up going on at the moment with clues and everything – although since I’m not a potter nut, 99.9% of it goes over my head.

But since I’ll be running regardless of what the event (or distance is), I guess it’s not that big a deal I “don’t get it”, although I’m hoping it’s something to do with Umbridge for no other reason than she wears pink!

Till next time




HRC* = Hogwarts Running Club

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