You can’t change the seasons

Can you believe it’s March already?!?!?!

Fare thee well Summer – if truth be told, you’ve been better in prior years BUT you came through in the end finishing off the season in style and I will (quite literally) count down the days until your return because (between you and I), you’re totes my fave.  😉

Autumn on the other hand has certainly arrived with a “bang”

I’ve never been a huge fan of autumn (or any season other than summer for that matter).  You see, it tends to rain in Autumn and I’m not a fan of rain. Well no, that’s not true – I’m not a fan of rain IF I have to go out into it.

I hate driving a car in the rain so it stands to reason that I dislike running in the rain even more, although to be fair, I would have traded the brain exploding heat of Taupo during my leg of the Great Lake Relay for rain in a heart beat BUT otherwise I dislike running in the rain because the ground gets slippery (especially in the central city where they seem to like to lay shiny pavers on the ground) and as it’s dark when I run I can’t see the puddles and invariably end up with soaking wet shoes!

NO ONE likes wet shoes. 😉

However, I’m a “real runner” now (although I prefer the term wogger, as that is a far more accurate description of how I move) so rain, hail or brain exploding blistering heat, if I’m scheduled to run, then I shall run ..

In actuality, I’m not positive that I’d run in hail, after all I’m a summer loving pacific dweller not one of those rugged ready for anything Alaskan types you see on the Discovery channel, but I’ve begun to tolerate running in the rain – I actually kind of feel hardcore – that is, until I run through a puddle because it’s dark and I can’t see anything.

Speaking of not being able to see anything I’ve noticed the last few days that it’s been really dark at 6am (which is when I choose to run) so this morning I wore a running snap strap that lights up for no other reason than I had it with me and it was dark – I originally threw it into my gym bag in case I ever decided to go out for an early morning paddle (as in so early that the sun hadn’t risen yet).

It was originally purchased for James to wear during his 2am leg of the Great Lake Relay but as I’m the only one who usually trains before the sun comes up (James is SOOOO not a morning person) we only purchased one, as I’d use it every other day of the year. 😉

James wore it on his wrist (and it’s not turned on in the photo above) but as I find things that move on my wrists annoying and my arms are probably too “muscular” for it to fit around my biceps, I chose to wear it on my ankle.  This one is made by Adidas and has two settings – solid light and blinking.  I figured since I was moving all I needed was a solid light and apparently it works quite well.  This morning, a man slowed as he passed to inform me that he’d been following my light (and I quote)

“I could see you for miles!  I’m going to get myself one, after all winter is coming!”

In fact I had a few people this morning, slow down to match my pace and ask where I got my ankle light from, so for those of you who are interested in acquiring your own we got ours from Rebel Sports in Taupo, however you seem to be able to purchase them online (for $29.99) so perhaps all Rebel Sports outlets stock them.

You can also get a yellow version and a green version – how cool is that!   You could match your light to your running outfit!  I bet my 8 year old fashionista would think that was the coolest thing ever. 😉

Till next time





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