Day 7 – Happy Hatha Yoga

Do more of the shit you love ..

Day 7 Hatha Yoga Happiness: Have some FUN with Fightmaster Yoga

This is the end of week 1!!

You’re doing such a great job so reward yourself with some FUN. What’s fun for you? Ask yourself what you like: Taking a walk, going to the movies, having lunch with a friend, playing lastertag? Whatever it is, do it! And if you can go and do it today, make the plan today to do it soon!!!

See you tomorrow!!! Enjoy this mellow practice.

Fun! Now that sounds a bit like me and I could really relate to the message that if you couldn’t have fun right this very second (or day) that you should instead use the time planning to do something amazing. After all, I’d just finished planning a weekend trip to Northland so that James and I could ride the Twin Coast Cycle way from end to end and we were leaving the following morning.

Suffice to say I was all in … and then I found out that we were going to meditate ..

High – The reminder to do more of the shit you enjoy.

Low – Well quite frankly hyping me up to have fun and then telling me to sit still and meditate.

The Takeaway – Truthfully, I don’t have one because I turned this episode off and completed Day 8 instead.





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