I survived (just)

This morning I planned to return to Ludus.  I was in two minds about it, obviously I’ve missed the feeling of exhaustion,  the adrenalin and my Ludus familia, but I knew it was going to hurt and hurt REALLY badly.

I woke before my alarm and hummed and harred about going.  My arse jiggles when I run these days and I have boobs!  Boobs are an annoyance when you are running 😉 but I knew that the sooner I returned the sooner I was going to get meaner, leaner and stronger, so I got up and went (unwillingly) to the arena.

Everything was just as I left it, there were a few new faces, but thankfully lots of “old” ones too.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I was super unfit and weak it would be just like I had never left.  This morning we did a tabata workout.  It didn’t help that every muscle in my body is sore from returning to the gym this week, but I got through it and the highlight of my morning was still being able to pull my rotund arse up to the bar when we did pullups, I would have jumped for joy if I wasn’t so knackered.

So .. I survived … just … things can only get better!

Right, lets get on with the show.  Yes it’s Wednesday time to get our whistle on.

I thought since the topic of today was Ludus it was only fair to give a big whistle to the two men at the head of our familia.  Joe and Phil …

They could be quite familiar faces to a number of you.

Joe played rugby in both New Zealand and Europe and also played Eli on the TV show The Go Girls.  Phil was  The Cleo bachelor of the year in 2010 (I only found this out when my office assistant told me) and they are both now filming the new series of Spartacus.

I can see the Ludus membership raising by a number of females this week! 😉

Till next time





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3 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Congrats on your 1st Return to Ludus workout well done!!!
    Loving Wolf Whistle Wednesday by the way hehe


  2. Sarah says:

    Oh my oh my! I guess they make getting up early in the morning to do exercise a little more bearable 🙂

  3. Tracy H says:

    I wish they were at my gym mmmmmmmmmmmmm…………

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