What have I got myself into now!

I’ve been saying every year since it’s inception that I would do the Tough Guy/Girl Challenge and every year I haven’t done it.  So this year I made it one of my 11 things to do in 2011 so that I wouldn’t have a choice.

Well I received a competitors email briefing the other day and it was the first time I’ve thought to myself .. uhoh, what have I got myself into. 😉

I knew I would get a little dirty, but when I read in the briefing to tape my shoes onto my feet so that I didn’t lose them in the swamp I thought “oh shit”.  Swamp?  I don’t recall any mention of a swamp and there was definitely no mention of running through one!   Even looking at the header on the website didn’t arouse my suspicions .. I guess I should really investigate these things before I randomly decide it would be a fun thing to do.

And yes I can see those people are dirty I guess I just didn’t put two and two together … I can’t even blame lack of carbs these days! lol.  At least I don’t have to worry about what to wear on Saturday when all you are going to see is the mud. I think next year I’m going to think harder about my to do list for the year.

Anyway .. my first week back into training is going as well as can be expected after so much time off.  I’m super super super sore though!  They say “Karma is a bitch” I think DOMS is a bigger one.

Seeing Jo tomorrow after work for my first session since my competition, she asked me the other day if we were doing measures.  The word no has never come out of my mouth so fast!

Till next time



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