Busy Busy

My brother is visting from Sydney so its been a busy couple of days catching up!

Yesterday morning was my morning to get up early for a workout (I alternate with James) so 4.30am saw me leave the house to get to the gym by 8pm I was exhausted and was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!

Today I was on “nights” so headed to the gym at 6 .. trained shoulders and abs, shoulders are my absolute favorite body part to train, and they definitely still are, funny I group them with my most hated body part to train – abs lol.

Food has been clean both days (yay).

I’m seriously considering going to do the stairs a the stadium for my cardio tomorrow morning, just for a bit of a change, Im pretty sure the knee will cope, so if its not raining I will head there in the morning.

Till next time.


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