Two days down ..

Yes indeed!  Two days down (yay), however I still have another three to go without carbs! (boo)

Argh … I think peak week is a lot like giving birth.  Your mind blanks out just how horrid it is!  It isn’t till you are in the midst of it that you think, why the hell do I do this sport.  I guess when it comes to giving birth your brain is doing it’s job making you forget just how bad labor is otherwise no one would procreate!  I’m not sure what the reason is behind forgetting how horrid decarbing is.



So anyway I guess you can tell I am not enjoying this last week.  I will admit that today seems “easier” for some reason .. maybe my body is just getting on with the job now that it’s realised its not getting any carbs and there isn’t anything it can do about it or it could be the fact that I am at work and I have things to keep me occupied other than thinking about how hungry I am.

Yesterday was a write off .. I felt like death was coming for me (ok maybe thats a slight exaggeration, but honestly, my body doesnt do well on no carbs and my brain does even worse!).  To keep my mind occupied and my hands busy I baked up a storm!  Yes baked!  That’s what I do when I diet, I’m strange like that 😉

And yes .. it all looked good!  In fact Elias grabbed a cookie from the cooling rack and ran off with it.  He can move pretty quickly for someone with such short legs.

In other news ..

I’ve been practising my ab pose and can now confirm that I can get them to show up and smile at the same time!  That is a huge achievement for me and as of this morning I am now too skinny for my skinny jeans but I’m wearing them anyway because I was too tired to walk up the stairs to find another pair and considering these are the smallest pair of jeans I own, it wouldn’t have anything to change into that fit any better. 😉

Tonight is my last “heavy” weight training session then tomorrow we move into the high rep stuff (thank goodness) .. not long now .. if I wasn’t so hungry I might be excited 😉

Till next time


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