It took seven days but I’ve only got six

It took God seven days to create the earth, but I’ve only got 6 days to create a stage ready body.



Today was day one of the carb deplete and water load process.

I received my plan for this week from Miss Jo last night.  On the agenda for today was a cardio session, a leg session, 5 litres of water and nearly a kilo of chicken.

The cardio was pretty easy since I did it as soon as I woke up before my body realised what was happening.  I did the leg session just after lunch and I’ve got to admit it was quite hard.  I was tired and I would have preferred to have a nap and train later, but I didn’t have the time for such luxuries. 😉

By afternoon tea I was pretty sick of chicken, which doesn’t bode well since I’ve still got another four days of it, but when dinner time rolled around I was so hungry that it tasted REALLY good!  I’m thinking I might go with eggs for breakfast in the morning though.

James just looked sideways at me and quoted from the “I want to be a bodybuilder clip” and said to me this morning “You are a crazy son of a bitch”

Whether Mummy is carb depleting or not, Easter goes on and Isabelle had great delight in hunting down the pressies that the Easter Bunny had left for her.  Elias didn’t quite get what the whole fuss was about, but he did enjoy chowing down on the pressies that Isabelle found on his behalf.

I will admit the smarties looked really good!  I have a soft spot for smarties 😉



The day wasn’t all bad though .. I got to spend the afternoon with James and Vin Diesel.  Although one thing .. Fast & Furious 5 is a L-O-N-G movie when you have so much water onboard!  😉

Till next time


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  1. “You are a crazy son of a bitch” – love that! Good luck with all the crazy stuff this week! Almost there…

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