Fortune favors the prepared

So that’s it!

This mornings run brings my Hal Higdon’s 12 week Half Marathon training regime (for novices) to it’s close!

I’ve traveled 295.4 kilometers over 42 sessions which means I only missed 6 of the “12 optional run’s”, honestly 12 weeks ago who would have seen that coming … ?!?!

The next time I run, it’ll be for 21 kilometers which although it probably should, doesn’t seem daunting.  I mean yes, it’s a long way in fact, it’s 5 kilometers further than I’ve EVER run before but Hal said (and I quote)

If you can handle a 4-mile run (or walk) at the end of Week 1, I’ll get you to the finish line of a half marathon at the end of Week 12.

I finished that 4 mile run in week one along with every other required run during the 12 week period.  I’ve diligently spent the required time on my feet to put in the miles and soon we’ll see if Hal knows what the f**k he’s talking about. 😉

But for now the plan is to rest – which for me, doesn’t mean come to a grinding halt because that’s not how I roll – half marathon or no half marathon.  Tomorrow I plan to do some boxing and then go to yoga … I call that, “actively resting”. 😉

Till next time





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