Beating the sun

I watched this amazing documentary today about a relay race where teams circumnavigate the 150km around Mont Blac on the longest day each year.

The event is called “Beat the Sun” and the first team member set off at sunrise with the aim to finish before the sunsets (approximately 15 hours later).

I found the documentary really inspiring – not in the “omg I want to do a relay race” kind of way (because quite frankly I couldn’t think of anything worse than “having” to run fast because people are waiting for you), just inspiring in the omg I want to go and run walk hunched over whilst gasping for air up a big hill kind of way …

I take no responsibility should you suddenly decide you want to become an adventure racer after watching this!

Although this film is about the 2015 event you can watch the 2016 event here, although the film is much shorter (about half the length) so you don’t spend as much time getting to know the participants.

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