And there goes January ..

My resolution for 2017 is that I will not buy myself any new (or used) clothing or shoes.

Although most of the “challenges” I come up with are complete spur of the moment decisions that I just run with – this particular one I mulled over for some time before announcing my decision, mainly because it’s NO shoes – for an entire year!

Shoooooes ..

I know – this was a very first world conundrum, especially considering the chaos currently going on in the world. If only everyone’s biggest decision was whether they could forgo new clothes and shoes for a year *sigh* which is probably why I haven’t talked much about it, but for prosperity’s sake and those of you who are generally curious as to how long I can last only lusting after shoes I thought I’d do a monthly update post.


Although my year long resolution was nearly de-railed in the first week ..

I had popped into Khatmandu to use a voucher. I was hoping that I’d be able to find a battery charger (which I couldn’t) so instead I grabbed some safety items for my running pack and absent mindedly wandered along the aisles enroute to the check out.

As I was browsing I came across a super cute hiking skirt that was on special and even though I only wear Lululemon running skirts because I know they work (eg they don’t ride up constantly) the discounted price of this skirt was low enough to warrant giving it a go.

I had grabbed two sizes to try on before realising what I was doing.  I shook my head, amazed at how easy it was for me to buy complete unnecessary guff “just because”.

Perhaps this resolution came at just the right time.

My take away for this month;

It’s been quite refreshing to delve further back into my wardrobe and wear things that I haven’t worn in quite some time – it’s kind of like wearing new outfits.  Even if you are not going without new clothes this year, I suggest you give it a go – change things up!

It’s also a nice surprise when you can still fit into them. (And I guess just the kick in the arse you need if you can’t). 😉

Till next time






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