Walk before you talk

I wrote the other day that the Ludus Games was the hardest thing I’ve done to date (bar giving birth – giving birth trumps any other pain you will ever feel in your life, if you are male you should thank God this very second).

Some people still find the statement “The Ludus Games were the hardest thing I’ve done” a little ambiguous so to save another person asking me it means that’

The Ludus Games Individual event;

  1. Was harder than the burpee mile and ..
  2. Was harder than completing the Tough Mudder

I’ve had more than a handful of people ask “so what was so hard about it – it looked like a simple 300” and I guess it was.

But here’s the thing

“I” found it to be the hardest thing ever.

“I” found the unbroken jerk and squat sets nearly impossible to complete.

Notice the common denominator?  The word “I”.

In case you hadn’t noticed by my “tone” I find all the “Why was it so tough” comments a little infuriating.   It’s akin to me sitting at home on my arse watching “Hottest home baker” and then exclaiming that its not that hard to bake a cake I’ll whip one up tomorrow and show you ..

Because even if I do whip the most beautiful cake that has ever been seen on earth its not the same really is it ..

I don’t have the cameras, I don’t have a room full of other “hot bakers” trying to out do me, I don’t have the pressure of having my friends and family watching expectantly.   It’s just me a recipe, some tools and a kitchen.

Apples and Oranges #justsaying

HOWEVER on a lighter note I am training to be less unbreakable next time (if there is a next time, I’m still undecided as to whether I will do another games) but games or not, being unbreakable isn’t a bad thing to train for ..

Yesterday morning at Ludus you got to chose between doing 3 sets of 100 unbroken or a 30-3, 20-2, 10-1 ladder.  I chose the unbroken set because I obviously need practice 😉

I went with the lightest weight from the games with an aim to do at least 35 reps unbroken because that is a slightly higher rep count than we had to do on the day.  Thankfully in this wod you didn’t have to start back at one instead you did a “punishment” of 10 burpees then carried on.

Unbroken Jerks & Squats (Time called before completing third set which was push ups)

The wod allowed me to work out how to hold the kbs in the rack position “comfortably” and which kb’s I prefer to use. I also learned that I find unbroken squats much harder than jerks (as you can see by the first failed attempt) which may come in handy if I ever have to decide to do one before the other in a workout, but probably most importantly I learned that its still hard even when you are fresh.

BUT it can be done (with a few swear words).

Till next time

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