It’s better than an easter egg

After the Ludus Games I was sore for two entire days. I guess that’s what happens when you push yourself beyond your limits then don’t warm down, recover, eat or stretch .. 😉

Anyway I spent the rest of the Easter break sitting on my arse catching up on all the TV shows I watch so my first day back into training was Tuesday which happens to be a Mr P.T day.

He seemed to be in a really good mood *bonus*

The first thing he said to me was

“Right time to step our training up a notch after watching you on Saturday you are WAY stronger than you make out you are”

I’m not sure what exactly he was watching on Saturday because I spent most of that day either swearing and throwing kettlebells or lying on the floor crying neither of which shows much strength.

I did point this fact out to him but he just smiled broadly and exclaimed excitedly.

“I’ve got something for you and it’s way better than an easter egg – this is going to be so much fun!”

Which usually translates to this training session is going to suck – big time ..

Mr P.T pointed towards something on the floor and when I turned to look at what it was I said “Oh fuck”  To which his reply was  “See! I told you!  Way better than an easter egg!”

The man is obviously allergic to chocolate or something because what he showed me was far and away not better than an easter egg and I’m not even a fan of chocolate.

It was a water bag ..

Note – I just got the bag, there was no nice looking man attached to it swinging it nina styles around the gym floor at the time my “better than an easter egg” surprise was bestowed upon me.

Basically it’s  a power bag filled with water and air, the water moves as you move so it forces you to use all your stabilizing muscles to complete each rep.  I only knew what I was looking at because Mr P.T had mentioned water bag training before so I put two and two together when he was so excited about “how much fun we were going to have”

The plan was to do an AMRAP that I’ve done before but replace the power bag with the water bag.  As soon as I executed my first clean with the water filled bag I realised that what he meant by “we” were going to have fun was “he” was going to have fun watching me trying not to fall over while trying to balance this sloshing bag.

Three things I noticed

  1. It really forces to to react to the movement inside the bag so its harder than training with a sandbag.
  2. It’s more comfortable on the arms than a sandbag because it’s softer
  3. It has cool handles that run lengthways so the Olympic lift movements are the same as if you were holding a bar

I also noticed although it’s fun (well as fun as training gets) I’m still undecided as to whether it’s better than an easter egg 😉

Till next time

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