Here comes the hurricane

Yesterday morning I went to Ludus.

It was a Hot Rod session (and a it was a goodie)!  I haven’t done a Hot Rod session in FOREVER so  even though it was a scheduled Mr P.T day I went to the arena first.

When I first started training with Mr P.T  I was doing Ludus before seeing him, but because I was already knackered I really really sucked at whatever he tried to get me to do.

So Mr P.T  “requested” that I do Ludus on my off days so that he got fresh meat.

So when I turned up for training yesterday Mr P.T took one look at me does the eyebrow thing and says  “So .. what have you been up to this morning?”

It’s pretty obvious that I’ve been to Ludus as I’m covered in dirt and chalk and dripping wet (yeah I didn’t have time to get changed)

Anyway it was pointless lying so I just smiled and then he said “You went to Ludus right?”  He continues with “I planned for you to smash out the Hurricane today”

The Hurricane is a Mr P.T wod consisting of a 400m run, 10 box burpees, 20 trx rows and 30 deadlifts x 3 (for time).  I’m pretty sure he named it the hurricane because you look and feel as if you have been hit by one after you complete it.

Obviously I did not want to attempt The Hurricane I had just lived through Rod’s “Samurai vs Gorilla”at Ludus and that was enough of a beating for one day so I replied “Oh I thought we could do the 1 min on 1 min off wod” (because 1 minute is quite a decent time to have as an off – I thought I could push through a workout with that much rest).

Mr P.T and I “discussed” our options and then he exclaimed “I can’t believe I’m negotiating with you – I’m going soft!” BUT we did the 1 min on 1 min off and I did good – I even got a “good work” from Mr P.T, usually I just get a speech about how I look like a cat trying to make my bed comfy, so I obviously rocked it 😉

Fast forward 24 hours and Mr P.T finds me warming up – he beams (you know like one of those angels in the movies) and says “you do your dynamic stretches while I go set up the TRX”

I immediately realise what’s about to happen and say “Fark – you aren’t going to let me get away with it are you?”

Unfortunately  you can’t out run a Hurricane …

As an added “bonus” aka punishment Mr P.T had me do core work “to warm up” he takes great pleasure in exclaiming “keep focused on your goal – bikini body for Fiji”

I tried to tell him that I’m at the point where I am perfectly happy in the skin I’m in but apparently I should want to be shredded.   I really need to point out to him I never used that description in my original goals I think shredded should be left for the stage I’m aiming for the “she looks like she does a sport” body (without actually doing a sport) – a fit and functional body with no muffin top.

We’ve addressed the muffin top but there is so much more work to do on the fit part!

Thankfully I was fresh because we start early on a Friday and I don’t have time to do anything else prior to Mr P.T’s session,  so after the  core warm up and some coaching on correct deadlift technique we hit the wod with the goal of beating 28 minutes.

There was swearing (by me),  smacking (also me – I was guarding the treadmill controls), chasing (him as he tried to get me to move from one station to the other faster than my snail pace), prodding (him again) and complaining (obviously me probably didn’t even need to clarify that fact)



I survived a Hurricane .. heres hoping that’s a good sign for tomorrows Warrior Dash. Have I mentioned that I’m doing the Warrior Dash tomorrow? If I haven’t – my bad.

Till next time

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