Trail running and how to deal with the Zombie Holes

Last weekend I put James “in charge” of where we would do our Saturday morning run and (without much knowledge) he chose to run from Upper Nihotupu Dam to the Upper Huia Dam, which involved traversing the very technical and muddy Christies Track.

James hates technical tracks – he likes to run fast and the more technical a track is, the more he hates it.

Not that is has anything to do¬†with his abilities because he’s like a jack rabbit out on the trails, hopping from side to side with ease and leaping across giant trees that have fallen across the track. I however am not so nimble so I slow the team down considerably and although he loved me enough to put a ring on it, he doesn’t seem to love me quite as much after being stuck for hours in the middle of the forest .. ūüėČ

As he had already “taken one for the team” I decided to take him to Huia on the Monday (Waitangi Day) to run between the Lower Huia and Upper Huia Dams as it’s as non technical a trail as non technical trails get (and of all the Waitakere Dams, Lower Huia is (in my opinion) the most stunning scenery wise so I wanted share that with James).

*He didn’t seem quite as enthused with it as I*

Anyhoo РHuia Dam Road (which links the two dams) is the one with the tunnel  on it Рyou know the one where I waited for the scary random guy on the mountain bike to come and rescue me?

Yes – that’s how fearful I am of tunnels ¬†–

Let’s take a moment to let that fact sink in. ¬†I waited for a guy dressed in hunting gear with a giant back pack, riding a mountain bike in the middle of nowhere so that I could go through a dark tunnel with him because I was too afraid to run through it alone, because of the Zombies … *eye roll*

This time however I came prepared!  I had my very own Zombie protection aka the husband.

As we came to the tunnel I stopped to walk and said to James “there’s the tunnel where I had to wait¬†for that guy on the mountain bike¬†to come – I’ll walk for a little bit so that I can run fast through it, once I’m in there I’m not stopping!” to which he replied “You know what you should do when you get to a tunnel?” ¬†Obviously resting a little bit so that you can run as fast as possible through them wasn’t what he had in mind so instead I asked “what?”

You should go inside and shut your eyes for 30 seconds and then you’ll be able to see.


Yes folks my husband wants me to go inside the zombie holes, stand in the dark and shut my eyes ..

Yeah that’s not going to happen … ever … !!

Perhaps he doesn’t love me as much as I think he does …. ūüėČ

Till next time





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