Hiss, Roar, Plod

I noted earlier this month that had run without stopping for just over 3k’s and that I wanted to continue with this running palava more regularly this year as although I didn’t necessarily want to “be a runner”, I wanted to be able to run should the need arise.

That inaugural run was Wednesday the 7th January and it was the only run I completed that week, although I did three walks totaling 13.5k’s, 170 various types of squats, some burpees, “a few” push ups, raised heavy stuff against the force of gravity and got upside down for the #365handstand challenge.

Anyway I’m glad to announce that my first run wasn’t my last and I’ve continued to run regularly, in fact last week I ran 4 out of the 5 week days. I was however, fortunate to have James run with me last week as he had an hour “spare” since the crossfit classes started an hour later than normal.

James did his best to run slow enough to stay beside me all the while exclaiming how great I was doing and reminding me to “breathe through your nose” (which incidentally didn’t happen, but at this early stage I’m just glad I was able to breathe at all). I guess that’s why he could do so much talking, he was barely going faster than his walking pace!

I’m slow (even by my standards) with a 6.30 average if the route is relatively flat and the college hill run took me 3 minutes longer than when I last ran it, even taking into consideration I ran approximately 60 metres further this time, 3 minutes is a lot of time to shave off!

So now I “run” – right?

Well apparently not … who the hell forgets they are running?!?!?

Till next time





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