Never stop

The wise among us know that we never stop learning, I’m a case in point .. I’m old*ish* but the saying

“You learn something new everyday”

describes my life in a nutshell (or quote as the case may be).

After taking up Yoga earlier this year I have certainly increased my flexibility (which has helped my squats immensely) but my shoulder mobility is pretty shite.

When I mentioned my shite shoulder mobility to Mr P.T one night he gave me a link to Dr. Starrett’s website

Dr. Starrett seems to be somewhat of a celebrity crossfit guru who “fixes up shit” and teaches you how your body is designed to stand, sit, breathe, bend and move and his website has a tonne of video clips.

I did end up cheating a wee bit and got Mr P.T to give me a specific shoulder mobility routine and I filmed him so that I can refer to it easily when I cant remember which way my hand should be pointing.  And before you ask – no he won’t let me post it here on the blog because (and I quote) “Julz don’t post that online because I haven’t shaved” .. bless him.

Anyway back to the old dog/new tricks.

I ordered Kelly Starrett’s book “Becoming a Supple Leopard” (and no you cant download it online – stink huh!) and it arrived today!  Perfect night to curl up in front of the fire and bust out a few chapters.

So far I have learnt that I don’t stand correctly, sit correctly or move correctly ..

Today I’m concentrating on standing ..

Step 1 – Squeeze your butt as hard as you can

Step 2 – Pull your ribcage down

Step 3 – Get your belly tight

Step 4 – Set your head in a neutral position and screw your shoulders into a stable position.

Two entire pages of an A4 sized book to learn how to stand .. this shit is harder than it looks!

And I now have to apologise to Mr P.T because when I’m working out he’s continually prodding me. During one session I asked him if he prods all his clients as much as me and he *apparently* does. He then went on to say that no one has ever complained ..

I told him “Right well I can tell you right now that none of your girl clients like you prodding their guts” but apparently its an “actual test” 😉

So if you see me – I suggest you brace!

Till next time

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