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Last night I did my second ever Gymnastics class at HPU.

The Thursday class is all about the muscle up, which is probably why it was even MORE male dominated than Tuesdays HSPU class.  The female’s in the class numbered two (and neither of us could muscle up (yet)) but both of us plan too 😉

As Kat is currently in Australia competing in the Crossfit Regionals Gareth took the class.

I’ve seen Gareth around the gym (and after speaking to him last night it became apparent that he has also seen me lol). He introduced himself properly and teased me about the Ludus Magnus attire I was wearing. 

Got to say, It’s a bit different having a guy teach gymnastics class because they make it look easy ..*Gareth* – So just grab a band, attach it to the bar and then muscle up – like this – got it?

Umm yeah I got to watch you, converting that into making my body do it .. that’s another story. 

It didn’t help that I wouldn’t let him nudge me over the top of the bar so I could do the dip part and lock out, I hate – no I mean I really HATE people lifting me .. it’s taken me months to let Mr P.T lift me and even then that’s more I run away and he grabs me around the waist and hauls me towards the ceiling while I scream.

Gareth is about 20 kgs lighter than Mr P.T heck I’m probably heavier than he is .. no way in hell is he going to lift my lard arse anywhere!

So we’ve figure out I wasn’t hot on the technique side of things .. BUT I kicked the strength section in the arse!  Even Gareth was impressed with my strict pullups (I was going to mention Ludus at that point lol) then I ring dipped with “relative ease” which earned me more high fives, the only speed bump was the pistols but by the end I even got a few of those out!

None of mine involved a bar over my head though! Hard enough getting back up with just my own weight to move 🙂

I was pretty spent by the time we got to the WOD and the reps were high considering I’d already done about a million pullups but at least we got a “rest” doing the hollow v sits and walking lunges #sigh

BUT although I was tired, sore, tight and wet through with sweat it was the BEST CLASS ever!  I came home all amped telling J all about it (and how he would love that class and he had to come and do it with me) – I think I’ve found my niche, it may not be the discipline I excel in, but its the one I find the most fun.

Till next time

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