Yes! I used the S word, snatch!

Remember at the beginning of the year I vowed that this was the year that “I found some life balance”?

I even started up Yoga classes .. (and loved them)

But I have to put my hand up and confess that lately I have been neglecting to put any time into my mat, even though I know how much it helps in other areas of my training.

Every time Shantelle uses me as an example of great squatting technique in a “Look Better Naked” session I proudly announce to the other girls “That’s because I do Yoga – you should ALL do Yoga”

It’s not even like I don’t enjoy Yoga – because I do, I just haven’t been making the time (totally my bad).

That was until The Girls broke me. Cindy trounced all over my shoulder and Annie pretty much made me a limping mess, apparently when Kat said in the Crossfit induction that your body needs to get used to skipping she actually meant it.

Yesterday I “battled” through the “Look Better Naked” session with the girls (which thankfully was upper body dominant) but then when we went out outside for the run even though I had the option to stay behind and cardio on the crosstrainer (which a wise woman would have elected to do), I said I’d walk ..

I’m not sure why after 40 years I suddenly think I am capable of not getting bored with walking and start jogging even though its a stupid idea.   Suffice to say I got bored, jogged and ended up more broken than before .. head/wall.

BUT good things come to the stupid amongst us – today I decided to not train (because I’m too epic for my own good and don’t trust myself not to be a stupid arse) and instead I would spend time lengthening and strengthening both my body and my mind on my mat.

Have to say it was sheer bliss and the sequences were perfect – just what I needed.

No inverting, no hardcore balances just giving into the stretch and then going deeper by contorting yourself into a pretzel (or as pretzel like as your tight muscles would allow).

I did notice during the sequence that included the chair pose and low lunges that I am so much stronger than I used to be!   Perfect complimentary training I guess – Yoga makes me more mobile which in turns helps me lift more weight in the ollys and the ollys are making me stronger so I can hold yoga poses lower and for longer.

Finding a life balance it is actually as tricky as walking a tight rope (or even a beam for the less nimble among you) 😉

I guess with practice it gets easier, but I will say this ..

Yoga! How I have missed thee!

Till next time

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  1. Bonny says:

    Great read Julz,
    Enjoying following your progress and copying it to make it my progress too.

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