Make peace, not war

While I was in the shower this morning at the gym I overheard two women talking about their mutual “friend”.

This “friend” had put on weight and they were discussing how they should broach the subject with her.

As the story unfolded, it turns out this (so called)  mutual “friend”  really enjoys  eating crap (their words, not mine) and she also likes to drink a fair amount and although she runs (a considerable amount from what I could gather, as they mentioned she was training for a 42k adventure race), she OBVIOUSLY wasn’t running enough because she was fat (also their words not mine).

Whilst listening to this conversation I just shook my head and thought “with friends like that … “  until one of them matter of factly said;

“We all have that something. With her (the mutual friend) it’s alcohol, with me it’s sugar, we all have that thing that we have to constantly battle. She will be so much happier when she finally wins that war and can get that weight off.”

At that point if I had one handy I would have thrown a bar of soap at them, unfortunately (or fortunately for them) we have liquid soap in the shower stalls and that wouldn’t have made quite the same statement.

Win the War? Really?

Firstly – I’ve been every shape, every size and every level of fitness and I certainly don’t recall my happiness level increasing as my dress size went down, in fact it got to a point where the smaller I got, the more unhappy I was.

You see, it all boils down to the question “Is the cost of getting lean worth the trade off” and there came a point in time where for me it wasn’t.

Personally, my fitness levels tend to correlate more directly with how I view myself. Sure, I may frown at my slightly pudgier mid section and the lament about the flappy bits at the back of my arms if I happen to glance in the mirror as I get dressed for the morning, but I soon forget all that when I manage to run without stopping, walk any kind of distance on my hands or PB a lift. Then I’m truly thankful for slightly pudgy midsection and soft looking arms because they are strong and allow me to do some pretty amazing things!

Let me just quickly state to any of my friends out there who have noticed I’ve put on weight and are wondering how to tell me – don’t .. unless you plan to bring a McFlurry, then I’ll eat and nod.

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