I'm jumping on the bandwagon

As per the usual course of my life, last Saturday I hurt my knee.

This week I’ve been really careful. I managed to complete my strength program and get through the structural balance program (bar the pistols and one legged box jumps).

Today I went and saw my physio Gabe and I don’t think he was surprised he had yet another body part to work on.

He patched me up and sent me away with orders to ice my knee every day and to do lots of cycling.

So obviously because I “always” listen to Gabe I went straight to the gym, did some kb work and then did a spin class.

It’s been months since I’ve done a spin class. Actually it’s been so long that I couldn’t remember what “my settings” were and it took me a few tries to size the bike correctly but a couple of things haven’t changed. I left soaked in sweat (bikram spin) and I still prefer hill tracks to the speed ones.

BUT one big thing has changed. I am way stronger, my legs where like little (as in short, not as in wee) powerhouses! I spent most of the class amazed about how much faster and harder I can ride now. What’s changed?

I squat!

Even when I was bodybuilding I didn’t squat.  If I had to squat I’d use a smith machine and on the odd occasion I’d use a hack squat machine, but mostly I’d stick to the leg press.

When I started at Ludus we would do bag squats or thrusters and once in a blue moon we would do overhead squats while holding a plate but unless some form of squat was written on the board I wouldn’t voluntarily bust a set out on my own accord.

Now I do some form of squat everyday.   Front squats, back squats, overhead squats, pistols, drop snatches, full cleans or thrusters.  Even in boxing class we do squats!  Can’t get away from the suckers!  But you know what?  When the powers that be said that “The squat is the king of all exercises” It wasn’t just media hype. 😉

So I shall leave you with this handy piece of advice ..

Till next time

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