New day, old question

When I train on the main gym floor I’m used to people coming up to me and asking “are you competing soon?”, “are you training for a competition?” or some variation of the exact same question.

Usually I just say no and if they continue onto what is usually their next question “so what are you training for?” I say either “I’m training for life” or “I like to eat shit” – both of which are true answers.

Today I guess I just wasn’t in the mood. My alarm didn’t go off, my glass water bottle broke and my knee hurt so the jump on the clean hurt which compromised my form, so when a curious person up to me while I was hunting out some plates and asked;

“You are lifting a lot of weight over there! What are you training for?”

I blurted out

“The zombie apocalypse – I’ve got two small kids to protect and my husbands shoulder is farked so he isn’t going to be much use warding off the zombies, plus I can’t run fast so I guess I’ll have to stand my ground and fight”

You know what he said? (You can’t even make gold like this up) ..

He points at my pink bag with my gloves poking out and said “Is that why you box too?”

“No – I box because I like to eat shit” #banghead

Till next time

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  1. Tracy H says:

    Brilliant answer I thought, although you could go with ” to keep away creepy men who ask to many questions”!!

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