The 365-Day Handstand Challenge

Apart from eating, sleeping and pooping I can’t think of anything that I do every single day of the year. In fact I’m pretty sure I’ve even gone without sleep on the odd occasion (not food though, that would be daft).

Having just realised that fact as I’m about to write this blog post makes the daily handstand idea slightly more intimidating than I thought it would be – after all I’m always upside down, why not photograph and document that fact.

The challenge itself came to fruition when I blended my love of Instagram and my penchant for busting out handstands anywhere and everywhere. It’s much simpler than following a traditional yoga challenge (although I will still participate in those on occasion) as I don’t have to check the daily pose and wait for instructions from the host of the challenge as the pose is always going to be the same.

For the first week I basically did straight handstands in various pretty locations (bar day 4 where I posted a photo of me handstanding walking)

However I then decided that it might get a tad boring for the viewing public so I started playing around trying to make different shapes with some days being more successful than others. 😉  I do however think attempting making shapes has helped with my balance, I seem to be able to move around and still remain quite stable.

For those of you who are starting 2015 with the goal to be proficient on your hands I’d say it’s a lot like the advice my coach gave me regarding weight lifting – the more time under the bar, the more proficient you’ll get, therefore budding inversionites get yourself upside down often.

You could even join me in your own mini handstand challenge. Feel free to tag me in any photos you take, I’d love to see.

Till Next Time

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