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“I’m 19 days into my 31 days of yoga challenge – that challenge being to do yoga everyday throughout the month of October.

I have to say it’s been relatively easy because I do all of my yoga at home.  If I’ve only got 15 minutes after a cardio session to get my yoga on then 15 minutes of yoga it is!  In my opinion 15 minutes is much better than no minutes.  I wouldn’t have lasted if I had to go to a yoga studio each day.  Not that I have anything against yoga studios, it’s just that carving out 45 minutes for a class plus travelling time everyday would be something that I never would have committed myself to as I would have had to give up other activities .. (like having a life). 😉

The kidlets have become quite used to me, trying to stand on one leg (usually unsuccessfully) or laying on the ground with my eyes closed “ignoring them.”   Isabelle (8) will quite often sit down on the sofa and watch – which is handy when I can’t see the screen, as she let’s me know when it’s time to transition.  On the other hand, Elias (7)will either completely ignore me enroute to his playstation located on the other side of the room or hug me whilst telling me that I’m doing a good job (which can be a little disconcerting if you happen to have your eyes closed at the time).

The other night although I had done an early morning practice, I planned on doing a gentle yoga class before bed as I was quite tight from my afternoon run session.  It was nearly the kids bedtime so at story time (which James does with them) I said that I was going to do some yoga.  Elias immediately exclaimed that he wanted to do yoga (because he’s 7 and who likes going to bed at that age) and ran across the room to get a mat, which obviously meant that his sister wasn’t about to miss out …

I guess it’s lucky that I have three mats ..

I didn’t have a problem with it as I knew it was only a short and gentle session, so we all (minus James who refuses to do yoga) did a lower back and legs class with Candace

First thing I noticed is that my kidlets aren’t anywhere near as bendy as other kids of their age and neither of them seems to know where their limbs are in space LOLOL.  Isabelle has more “yoga experience” than Elias so she able to follow along and James helped Elias when he got tangled up because according to the kidlets yoga is “just like twister”.

At the end of our wee yoga class, Elias headed off to bed and Isabelle (who stays up later than her brother) sat with me.

Mum I know that was actual yoga, but I prefer mine. You know the one that tells the story?

Fair enough – if I was 8 I’d probably prefer a story too. She decided that she’d like to spend the 30 minutes she had before her bedtime doing a Cosmic Kids yoga class (although she wasn’t impressed that they didn’t do the “real” tree pose).

If you have kidlets in your house, check out the Cosmic Kids Yoga channel on youtube there are hundreds of videos of various lengths suitable for all ages.

Monkey see – Monkey do ..

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