(Long) May it continue

In the month of May one year ago I entered my first Instagram Challenge which was somewhat aptly named May I Begin Yoga

I’ll admit to being surprised when I came to the realisation that an entire year has passed since I’ve established a semblance of a regular home practice and that’s not all, over the past 12 months I’ve visited new yoga studios and practiced with new teachers, I’ve attempted new forms of yoga (aerial and sup) and along with my family I even visited Taupo to partake in the biggest multi-day yoga festival in New Zealand, Wanderlust.

However, although I’ve been practicing Yoga (more on than off) for a year now, I still don’t consider myself to be a Yogi in the truest sense of the word. I use my practice as a tool that aids my performance in other areas, but I guess “true Yogi’s” do that too after all I saw something the other day that stated;

“Whatever you do in life, yoga can make you do it better”.

I’d have to say that from my own experience I whole heartedly agree! Case in point – At my weekly session with my Crossfit coach he watched me save a snatch by sitting at the bottom of the squat and waiting till I recovered my balance before continuing upwards. As I completed the lift he said “you got that one thanks to your mobility” to which I gleefully replied “Yoga is good for my snatch!”. I’ve honestly been waiting for the perfect opportunity to say that for an entire year!

Although I don’t see myself as a Yogi, I’m rather amazed that so many people do. I’m often asked how to do certain poses (usually handstands or arm balances) or which yoga poses are beneficial for squatting or holding a front rack position. Incidentally holding a squat is good for squatting – who would have thought it. 😉

If you’re wondering what a difference a year can make here are a couple of side by side comparisons. On the left are the pictures from last years #mayibeginyoga Instagram challenge and on the right are photos taken yesterday morning.

Now obviously those changes didn’t happen overnight AND I still have tonnes of room for improvement but with continued practice, patience and a little persistence it will happen –

What you sow yea shall reap.





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