What are you doing?

Not much, just hanging around  …  (bahaha – see what I did there).

In fact James and I both just hung around, quite literally, when the man who “hates yoga” came to East West – Ponsonby on Friday night to try an Aerial Yoga class with me.

I was hoping that even though the class time of 8pm is “way” past my bedtime that I’d still enjoy Aerial as much as my inaugural attempt a couple of weeks back and although James has always sustained his sheer disdain for yoga I was pretty sure that Aerial would be an exception, I mean you get to fly across the room, that’s anything BUT boring.

We arrived later than I hoped too, I mean I’m usually asleep so how was I to know the roads would be so busy.  Then thanks to preparations for the Pride Parade the following night, getting parking was “interesting” however upon arrival at the studio although we couldn’t get two mats side by side James was able to set up in the hammock behind me.  It also turned out that James wasn’t the only newbie that night.  Of the 12 hammocks in the room, 5 contained newbies which I guess is why everyone arrived so early (or everyone else just realises how many people are still awake at 8pm on a Friday and arrange their travel plans accordingly) 😉

Friday’s class had the obligatory core and inversion work but our main focus was on the hips.  Things were going pretty well (even for James who only got tangled once that I saw), until it was suggested that we sit in lotus whilst suspended in the air.  At that point I burst out laughing, I can’t even manage half lotus while seated on the floor BUT it was pretty cool to watch the people who could get themselves into a pretzel and James just decided that he’d just suspend himself upside down instead, he actually did that quite a lot and Connie didn’t mind in the slightest.

Thankfully even though I was tired AND we didn’t get home till nearly 10pm I had a great time and so did the boy, we’ve already booked in for our next class in two weeks time!

Till next time





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