What a gentleman

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in an earlier blog post but James started working (outside of the home) the same day as the kids returned to school.

On a side note for those people who poo poo social media sites, James landed his job after posting a simple “I need a job” request on his status. Even in this day and age, it’s not what you know, but who … 😉

Anyway I digress. With James returning to the work force I’ve taken on more of the day to day parental duties. While I head off each morning at stupid o’clock to train before work, my parents feed, water, cajole and finally shepherd the kids off to school. I then collect them each afternoon and do all the “boring school” things that must be done before Isabelle can put on a fashion show while Elias plays Minecraft in his room, repeatedly yelling across the house “When will Dad get home?”

It’s been a few weeks now but even I’m still not used to James being around 24/7. For years as I’ve pulled into our driveway I’d carry my work and food bags inside and James would retrieve my gym bag, so lately I’d often completely forget I’ve left my gym bag in the car until I go to pack it.

Yesterday I saw Elias struggling across the driveway with my gym bag, I rushed outside and called to him “Baby! Mumma can do that, it’s heavy” and he replied

“I know you can Mumma, you are strong BUT I’m strong too, this is what boys do for the girls they love, they use their muscles and carry things”


Till next time (go carry something for someone)





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