Day 10 – Fall in love with;

Oh gosh what a loaded question!

Although I guess that’s the idea behind the #lmaaugust photo challenge – right?  To get you thinking … ?

There are so many things that I wished people loved more like ..

Going to bed early
Staying indoors cocooned in a blanket on rainy days
Belly laughs
Sweat dripping off your body during a hard workout
Old School Slow Jams
Roasting marshmallows over an open fire
Salt Water (be it tears, sweat or the sea)

But perhaps more importantly I wish people loved “their moments” more, in fact I’d settle for people slowing down enough just to notice and acknowledge their moments.

One of the main reasons people feel dissatisfaction with their life is because they’re missing it.

When we’re not present, we become a little numb. Instead of thinking about what comes next, or brooding over the past, engage completely in this very moment. When you allow yourself the time to do this, you can truly begin to appreciate the here and now.

My favorite moments often involve my youngest Elias, because he’s such an affectionate wee creature .. he’ll often barrel into the room, fly across the floor, wrap his arms around me and squeeze with all his might, them run off on his next adventure yelling behind him, “I love you Mum”.

I know all too well, that moments like those won’t last forever and although at times I get caught up in the day to day stuff I never allow  “the moments” when a child reaches for my hand or chooses to go out and exercise with me over playing on their ipads, pass me by without acknowledging that I love the life I live and in turn, it loves me right back.

Till next time





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