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Apart from my self imposed #handstandaday challenge where I attempt to do at least one handstand each day of 2015 (to which I’ve been semi-successful), I haven’t really been participating in many social media yoga challenges lately.

In fact if I’m completely honest, as I tend to be around here my yoga practice has been severely lacking lately and has consisted mainly of a few stretches at the end of my morning training sessions. So I’ll “woman up” and hold my hand out for a light rap around the knuckles, although I doubt hitting is very yogic. 😉

Anyway I happened to see this post earlier in the month whilst scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed.

Later this month, were back for round two.
We have lots of fun, in store for you!
What kind of things will we encourage you to do?
Yoga in an igloo? On a canoe? While playing a kazoo?
Don’t you wish we’d give you a clue?

This time around it’s more than just crow.
10 different poses, well have you know.
Youll be posing up high and also down low.
Posing here, posing there, posting to and fro.

A trio of hosts, all sharing our posts.
In Seuss’s The Lorax, we’ll all be engrosssed.

How could I resist – they made up a poem! Who doesn’t love a good rhyme!!??

So for the next 10 days follow my instagram (or facebook as my instagram photos are automatically shared to my Facebook) and see my best attempt at not only whatever pose is put forward for the day, but a rhyme to go with it. <3

#ohtheplacesyoullcrow starts out today
I hummed and I harred then decided to play
How could I not? It’s all in good fun
It’s 10 days in total, with today being 1!

So here you have it, a crow just for you
I climbed up high, so I’d have a great view
I’m on top of a tyre from a tractor or digger
I’m not too sure, but they don’t get much bigger!

 OK – I never said the poetry would be award winning …  😉

Till next time





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