Some things change

I have a numerous blogs on my bookmarks list and most of them are either fitness or weight loss related. Looking through the list, it’s a pretty even mix between those who are bodybuilders/fitness or bikini competitors (8) and those who run (8) but I also follow a token number of crossfitters (2) and girls who are blogging about loosing weight  (2).

This list used to be MUCH larger but after completing some routine maintenance I noticed that a number of blogs hadn’t been updated in sometime (and in some cases years) with the biggest drop off in the weight loss blogs, but there was also a large exodus in the bodybuilding category too – it seems that once the show was done the blogger didn’t have much else to talk about and sailed off into the sunset (probably whilst eating cupcakes) 😉

I on the other hand just write about what’s happening in my life right now which is the one of the biggest reasons that my blog stays active.  Today however, we are going to change it up a bit and have a quick look at my past because whilst I was catching up on some blogs I hadn’t read in awhile I came across this;

“Go back and re-read your 99th blog post – What did you write about? What would you change? Has your blogging style changed since then?”

Well it was November 2010 I was still in my thirties and my now towering kidlets were just toddlers!

I wrote a post about how I didn’t want to weigh anymore than 65kgs because that was my “happy weight” BUT I also wanted to gain muscle … I just didn’t want to get heavier … *sigh*

What would I change? – My attitude 😉

Looking back it’s disappointing that it took another 4 years to completely come to terms with the fact that the number on a set of scales does not define me. 4 years of not being completely blown away each and every day by everything that this body can and continues to do for me with only the occasional groan from it’s aging joints. I wasted so much time being hung up over numbers!

Although my outlook and choice of topic has changed, my actual writing style remains the same. I still just write whatever pops into my head without any editing (which is somewhat apparent). I loath to say triumphantly that “I’ve changed” because it’s been much more of an evolutionary process than a complete turn around in my thought processes and there are somethings that I will never change my mind over, regardless of how many years pass ..

I’d still wolf whistle for Sonny Bill.

Till next time





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