A slight reprive

If you read yesterdays post, you will remember that I was humming and harring about whether to get my measurements done.  Well *thankfully* I had a slight reprive and Miss Jo couldn’t do them last night HOWEVER … she wants to do them tonight instead.

I’m still in the “keep your head in the sand” camp, however like the little ostrich above I’m curious to have a peek too .. but mostly I don’t want to know.  Miss Jo compromised with me and said that she would do them, but wouldn’t tell me, which in a way is ok, but then if she doesn’t smile I will automatically think I’m fat .. argh, I can’t win really 😉

Oh and I must apologise to you all, because I forgot that you can’t read my mind!  What reminded me of this obvious fact was this question in my emails.

They haven’t gone anywhere per say and I am still making them (and I’m actually in the process of making them even better than before)!  But I’ve closed the shop part of the website down at the moment because I will be out of the country for so long.  I didn’t want people placing orders while I wasn’t around to fufill them and since I am a one woman show I figured it was best that I close that section till I am back in the country.

BUT ..

I’ve actually got some really exciting things planned for the shop area of the website so please keep an eye out for when I reopen.

Onto other matters.  I am doing one of my 11 things to do in 2011 tomorrow which is a fitness orientated photoshoot.  It should be so much fun.

I’ve spent some time trawling through photographs so I could give the photographers an idea of the type of shots I want and I’ve nearly pulled together all my wardrobe changes, just a couple of things to pick up tonight on my home from work.  Can’t wait to show you all the photos!  Gosh I hope I get them before I leave for Europe .. maybe they will be extra nice and fast track them for me.  (hint hint photoshoot)

So the next time you see this outfit …

You will be mistaking me for an Oxygen Magazine model 😉

Till next time



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