Are we there yet?

I’m going to come right out and say it.  I’m tired.  Not only physically tired but mentally tired as well.

I can feel it, my husband can see it and the kidlets can sense it.  I can honestly say I’m counting down the minutes till its show time .. then holiday!

I know I should be tired, obviously if you ask your body to run on a deficit of calories that’s  just what is going to happen.  But I feel so “useless” when I hear from friends that they are getting on with the job with relative “ease”


I’m just going to convince myself they are lying.  My friend Donelle sent a lovely text yesterday to let me know that she was having a hard day too .. and that I wasn’t the only one.  Although Donelle (who I refer to as superwoman) does her weight training and then does a 10k road run as a chaser AND she is the only person I know who gets up earlier than I do voluntarily!  I should call her super freak! 😉

Speaking of super freaks, I trained back with Miss Jo last night … cor blimey, I am sure that woman is on a mission to kill me.  She also wants to do my measures tonight.  I however am not so keen.  I can see I’m no leaner than when I was a week out from the last show so the best I can hope for is that I am the same, but what happens if I’m fatter?

I know for a fact that if my measurements are bad there will be tears.  But will I be able to suck it up and just get on with it .. or will I completely fall to pieces in my carb deprived state?  That’s the part I’m really worried about.  I have visions of last time I lost the plot, and I really don’t want to go back there.

On a brighter note.  I got the photos that were taken at the show by  Muscle Imaging yesterday and I have to admit I looked damn fine!  I showed my family (because they didn’t travel to the show with me) and they were also mighty impressed.  James in particular was amazed and how I had filled out after the carb load, he said I looked so tiny and depleted when I left home that he couldn’t really envisage what I would look like.

So .. I think as long as I look as good as I did last time, I will be happy on the day.

Till next time






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6 Responses

  1. Donelle says:

    Damn girl, yep definately one of those days, anyone that does this sport is a winner, definately takes the most motivation and discipline…..that no one could believe if had tried it!!! At least its now and not two weeks ago, feeling like that ah!!! ROLL ON 21st of MAY…Keep up the hard work

  2. Kate says:

    You’re doing so well. Don’t give up – just keep looking to the goal. Not long now

  3. Kerryne says:

    Keep pushing, I know that it gets hard, and you become so tired and everyone seems to pay the price but you are so close. It is worth it in the end! I have enjoyed following your blog, you are an inspiring woman!

  4. Hey, you are not alone, know there are lots of us out here even on the other side of the world feeling the same! I’m a writer and have thousands of words to write up against a deadline today…but would rather curl up in bed and sleep! But we do what we can and what we must, right? Thank goodness for my espresso machine (yep, hello cortisol!)

    I’m currently prepping for my first Physique show, having originally thought I’d do Figure. My coach is NZ. I love this blog, thanks for posting x

  5. OMG I just saw on your bucket list about Reading Festival….how about this…I live 8 miles away from the festival site. LOL! If you ever do come over, you have a bodybuilding-friendly household open to you if you want to visit a blog reader 😀


  6. feminine fitness says:

    You are on! I’ve seen it usually rains during festival time, so I guess no bbqs on the lawn? 😉

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