300 and 3

Hey guys … gosh its getting chilly these days, the end of summer is near *boo*

So this morning when I was checking my emails I came across the following comment and I literally hit my head and thought “what an idiot Julia”

I had technically made some goals, but naughty naughty naughty me had not actually written them down (anywhere) so really they were just dreams.  A dream does not become a goal until you write it down.  I should really know that by now … 🙂

So here we go, this weeks goals are

  1. Do at least one 5km road run.
  2. Do two run sessions on the treadmill of at least 30 minutes each session.
  3. Fix my stripper heels.

LOL, yes the last goal is random, but I need those shoes so I better get round to gluing down the heel!


Run in sneakers, fix heels .. don't get them confused!

So while I’m at it, I will answer another couple of questions …

If I’m 12 weeks or less out from a competition .. then no.  But then again I wouldn’t do anything I didn’t think I could do without a little extra fuel in the tank.  For example, my fun runs are only 5ks (6-8 ks max) .. I would probably do that amount of cardio anyway, so its not too much of a stretch.


Off season post run brunch 🙂

If however I’m not in contest countdown, I would probably have a “treat” afterward .. probably something as simple as stopping for coffee (with milk) and a muffin on the way home.

We’ll I suppose that’s how I got into bodybuilding in the first place 😉

To be fair, I don’t do anything that any “normal” person couldn’t do.  I’m not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination but I figure if I have to get my arse out on the road and burn some calories, I might as well do something fun (and its much harder to stop if you have loads of people around you).


Stopping is not an option .. I'd get trampled 😉

So if it isn’t too early in your part of the world, you have probably figured out that we just had the “3” so now you are wondering whats the 300?


300's are a special brand of "torture"

300’s are what I was greeted with Monday morning when I did my Ludus session.  Mondays 300 circuit was all body weight exercises and it was timed.  This is the first timed 300 I’ve done, so I was quite interested to see how I would go.  Joe thought it should take us between 19-20 minutes.

Basically there were six exercises, Burpees, Squat Jumps, Spidermans Pressups, Jacknifes, Pullups and Tigers (which are hardcore tricep pushups).

The first round you did each exercise consecutively for 5 reps, then ran a lap outside.  Then came back and did the same circuit again for 10 reps followed by another lap,  back inside for 15 reps and a lap, then the final set is 20 reps and a lap.  All up you have done 300 reps. *ouch*

I did the entire 300 in 18:16 but I will note that I only did the first set of pullups unassisted the rest I did with a band under one knee .  Anyway its a starting point.

So quick recap of Monday … Ludus 300’s, Work, Arms, Grumpy kid time – take them to park to help shut them up entertain them, Dinner, Walk.  Doesn’t sound as tiring when you write it down as opposed to living it 😉

Till next time

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